Nnicko integrated services Limited

About Us

Nnicko integrated services limited is an award winning audio post-production, Real estate business and Importers 

Producing works of art that resonate
clarity and creativity.

Founded in 2016, Nnicko integrated services limited handles 3 major line of services.

We handle Music, Films, TV commercials from production to post-production through our industry standard studios with experienced and top-notch sound engineers ready to drive your music and art dreams to the world.

We provide Real estate services currently with our modernized buildings for individuals seeking for comfort,luxury and affordable homes
Our company is now becoming an international dairy brands representative in Nigeria, we import and distribute dairy products within Nigeria.

 To produce the finest possible outcomes, we go to great lengths to learn about our clients’  and customers needs and expectations. Our passion and professionalism have earned us the trust of our partners and clients.

 From pre-production through post-production, Nnicko can oversee the audio on any film. We are committed to providing our clients with full creative solutions and high-quality audio mixes, whether it is a basic uncomplicated recording, a sophisticated sound design, or an urgent ad that needs to go on-air.

We provide comfort, luxury and affordable housing for newly wedded couples, where they can start their lives. We also have different apartment that will suit your needs.

We also import dairy products and are one of the largest distributors in Nigeria.

Our cooperation with clients and industry partners have also resulted in various notable prizes and distinctions. You can always expect a warm welcome, a lot of knowledge, and great results when you work with Nnicko.